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Our company was first established in 1981 manufacturing specialist polyurethane (PUR) insulated panels & doors for the modular coldroom market, which still forms the core business.

Our manufacturing process is flexible enough to allow SIPs panels to be produced with in existing systems and manufacturing technology. A standard SIP panel is produced with a 50mm deep rebate to all four sides, however we are able to make OSB faced panels with moulded tongue and groove long edges incorporating cam locks to secure each panel to its neighbour.

Since 2006 we have porduced small quantities of SIPs panels mainly for the lodge, cabin & garden office markets.

Our focus is panel manufacture only, we are not involved in the design / construction of projects.

At the present time our SIPs panels do not have a BBA Certificate.



Polysec Coldrooms Limited

Blackpole Trading Estate West, Hindlip Lane, Worcester, WR3 8TJ